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Looking for creative jewelry designs? We have unique ear cuffs, ear pins, and other custom pieces created with Swarovski crystals, gemstones, and specialized materials. We also have an extensive selection of Czech crystal nail files. We've also added sterling silver chains. You can find us at our retail location on Mondays at the Webster, FL market, building 3, booths 53 & 55; stop in to chat and look at our items. All of our items are available at that location. Online items are available from our new D & P Creations online store

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Football Helmet Sterling Silver Pendant available from D & P Creations online

For the football enthusiast:  This sterling silver football helmet shows very well due to it's 36x42 mm size and 14 grams weight.  It will require a medium weight chain.  This pendant is one of the new pendants available from our online store (also local) until sold.  Other pendant/charms currently only available at retail include baseball glove, tennis rackets, and sea turtle.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/Sterling-Silver-Football-Helmet-Pendant-Charm

Sterling Silver Horseshoe and Horse Head Pendant available from D & P Creations

We purchased some new sterling silver items at a Kissimmee wholesale show on 28 June 2014.  We'll have them all available at our Monday retail event.  The first item added to our D & P Creations  on-line store is this sterling silver horseshoe with horse head; you'll need to add your own heavy chain.  We'll add other sports-related charms later.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/Sterling-Silver-Horseshoe-Head-Pendant

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar Key Ring by Swank available from D & P Creations online store and retail

We located a 1964 Kennedy half dollar (90% silver) set in a Swank key chain ring.  For the collector and numismatist this is a great item.  The coin is not graded but appears to have been placed in the key ring bezel as an uncirculated coin.  The set is in great condition.  Our association with a local coin dearler gives us access to some great coin jewelry.  It is available from our online store and also at our retail events, unless sold.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/1964-Kennedy-Half-Dollar-Key-Ring-Swank

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hand Painted Ladybugs on Czech Crystal Nail Files available from D & P Creations online store and local

Our artist is always looking for new designs; each one is carefully painted with attention to detail so they don't look like the symbolic drawings. Another entomology hand-painted design on our Czech crystal nail files: a pair of ladybugs on a medium-sized transparent crystal nail file. This is available online and at our local retail events. We also have bumblebees, butterflies, and dragronfly designs. http://dpcreationsstore.com/Czech-Republic-Medium-Nail-File-Painted-Ladybugs

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hand-Painted Bumblebees on Czech Crystal Pedicure File available from D & P Creations online.

We've had local requests for bumblebees on our nail files so here we are.  We've expanded our hand painted designs on our nail files from the Czech Republic.  The newest design is a pair of bumblebees on a medium-sized file.  We also have our favorite orange blossom paintings available on the pedicure size.  They are available online and at our retail events.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/Czech-Medium-Nail-File-Hand-Painted-Bumble-Bee 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nephrite Jade and Swarovski Olivine Crystals available from D & P Creations

Enjoy the intense green color of jade complemented with Swarovski greens.  We've added a lovely handcrafted natural nephrite jade with Swarovski olivine bicones and light green crystal pearls bracelet to our D & P Creations online store.  This item is also available at our local retail events (until sold).  We also have nephrite jade earrings available at our retail event.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/Nephrite-Jade-Swarovski-Olivine-Bracelet 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Italian Sterling Silver Hearts Links Anklet available from D & P Creations online.

We have more sterling silver anklets, but limited one like this one just added a lovely Italian hearts links sterling silver ankle bracelet to our D & P Creations online store. It is stamped AGI (American Gemological Institute) representing compliance with AGI standards for sterling silver.  It is also available at our local events like the Leesburg CornFest 7 June 2014.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/Sterling-Silver-Heart-Links-Italian-Anklet