Welcome to Jewelry by Dave

Looking for creative jewelry designs? We have unique ear cuffs, ear pins, and other custom pieces created with Swarovski crystals, gemstones, and specialized materials. We also have an extensive selection of Czech crystal nail files. We've also added sterling silver chains. You can find us at our retail location on Mondays at the Webster, FL market, building 3, booths 53 & 55; stop in to chat and look at our items. All of our items are available at that location. Online items are available from our new D & P Creations online store

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Triple Power Black Magnetic Twist Beads and Amazonite Bracelet by D & P Creations, available online

For a single strand bracelet design we have this one with triple power black hematite twist beads and natural Amazonite beads secured with a 5,000 Gauss clasp.  It is available online and local retail events until sold.  Contact our store if you would like a custom design or size.   http://dpcreationsstore.com/Magnetic-Bracelet-3X-Black-Hematite-Amazonite-5000-Clasp

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lovely Triple Power Black Magnetic Hematite and Turquoise Stone Bracelet by D & P Creations, available online & local

Our latest magnetic bracelet design is this lovely triple strand turquoise with triple power magnetic hematite round beads and powerful 5,000 Gauss clasp.  We have a greater selection at our local events, such as the Leesburg, FL Saturday morning market.   Many of our customers at local events report positive results from magnetic therapy jewelry.   http://dpcreationsstore.com/Magnetic-Bracelet-Turquois-Hematite-5000-Gauss-TripleClasp

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Elegant Black and White Triple Power Magnet Anklet by D & P Creations. Available online.

We have created elegant magnetic anklets.  Contact our store if you need a special length.  The first style is currently available from our online store.  Others are only available at our local retail events.  Necklaces are only available at events.   We continue to expand our inventory of magnetic jewelry.   http://dpcreationsstore.com/Magnetic-Anklet-3X-Black-Hematite-Rice-5000-Gauss-Clasp

Monday, August 25, 2014

Triple Power Magnetic Twist Bracelet by D & P Creations available online and local

We're increasing our magnetic bracelet inventory with new design ideas.  For a simple style we have a triple power black hematite magnetic twist bracelet with small rainbow and black hematite magnetic beads.  It is available at our local events and our online store. We also have anklets available at our local events.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/Magnetic-Bracelet-3X-Black-Twist-5000-Gauss-Clasp

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hematite Magnetic Bracelet with Amethyst Beads. Design created by D & P Creations. Available online.

Our single strand bracelets incorporate high power magnetic beads.  We have some simple magnetic bracelet and anklet designs available at our retail event; the elastic bracelets are easy on-off.  These are created in limited supply and could run out at any time.  This is a new 3-strand bracelet design with square amethyst beads with black hematite beads and a 5,000 Gauss magnetic clasp.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/Magnetic-Bracelet-Amethyst-Black-Hematite-5000-Gauss

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We're Adding Custom Magnetic Bracelets to Our D & P Creations Store and local events

We've started creating our own magnetic bracelets. This one is four strands with bold black magnetic hematite and tiger eye beads secured with a 5,000 Gauss clasp. We'll have smaller sized available later, including single, double, and triple strands with turquoise and amethyst stone.  We'll also have colourful magnetic beads.  Available online and local event.   http://dpcreationsstore.com/Magnetic-Bracelet-Tigereye-Hematite-5000-Gauss-Clasp

Sunday, August 10, 2014

MagneHealth Magnet Rings and Bracelets Available from D & P Creations local. Selected items online.

We're expanding our line of magnetic jewelry.  Elegant MagneHealth Burgundy and White Magnetic Beads with burgundy rhinestone spacers bracelet, available from D & P Creations online and local.  MagneHealth beaded rings are available at our local events.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/MagneHealth-Burgundy-White-Magnetic-Stretch-Bracelet

Thursday, August 7, 2014

MagneHealth Bracelets and Rings Available from D & P Creations online store.

We carry limited selection of MagneHealth elastic magnet bracelets and rings at our retail events.  The first bracelet available from our D & P Creations online store is a lovely multi-colored cat's eye beads, each encircled by a black magnetic ring.  Bracelets available at our retail events include tigereye with magnetic beads, rose quartz with magnetic beads, and other contrasting bead varieties. 7- or 7.5-inch length--$13.95.  http://dpcreationsstore.com/MagneHealth-Magnetic-Rings-Color-Cats-Eye-Beads-Elastic-Bracelet

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hand Painted Red Cardinal on Czech Crystal Nail fle by D & P Creations

Our newest design for nail files:  Czech Medium Transparent Crystal Nail File with hand Painted Red Cardinal sitting on a branch. We are constantly expanding our hand painting design capabilities.   http://dpcreationsstore.com/Czech-Republic-Medium-Nail-File-Painted-Cardinal