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Looking for creative jewelry designs? We have unique ear cuffs, ear pins, and other custom pieces created with Swarovski crystals, gemstones, and specialized materials. We also have an extensive selection of Czech crystal nail files. We've also added sterling silver chains. You can find us at our retail location on Mondays at the Webster, FL market, building 3, booths 53 & 55; stop in to chat and look at our items. All of our items are available at that location. Online items are available from our new D & P Creations online store

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Items on New Selling Site: Addoway.com

Some of our items are now listed on a newly-found selling site--Addoway
This site features a wide variety of items of general buying interest, from fashions and clothing to housewares; it's more like a department store of small business owners rather than a crafting store.
Our first listings include two more of our silver dollar coin pendants:  a crystal (April birthstone color) rhinestone bezel with a 1922 Peace Silver dollar and a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar with amethyst (February birthstone color) bezel.
Based on research with coin and vintage jewelry dealers, these bezel pendants were likely manufactured in the Providence, RI area in the 1950's when that was a fashion jewelry center.  Based on the number of coin pendants we have in the collection, we assume that the rhinestone colors were selected at birthstone colors.
From the custom jewelry department of our business, a new pair of gold filled wire ear pins has been added to the Addoway store; these ear sweeps have a colorful mix of Swarovski aquamarine, peridot, and citrine crystals.  We have a variety of ear pins and ear cuffs available for sale at our retail location:  Webster, FL market.
Items are also available for direct shipment.

For other sellers, click on the Addoway graphics link on the right, or click here.  Sign-up is easy and there is no cost until an item sells.  Pre-paid memberships are also available.

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