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Friday, July 22, 2011

Tigereye Hoop Earrings at CraftIsArt. com and Addoway.com

These new tigereye hoop earrings are part of a new design series which uses 1-inch hoops with various material drops.  The primary drop for the tiger eye earrings is a 10 mm round.
The earrings to the right have the tigereye drop at the bottom, along with a 6 mm Swarovski crystal copper xilion bicone.  Tigereye polished pebbles flank the drop, separated by Delica light bronze seed beads.  The earwires are gold plated stainless steel.  These are available at DPCreations.ArtFire.com.
The other option (lower right) for tigereye hoop drops is with the tigerye round drop at the top of the hoop.  This option has an arc of five polished tiger eye pebbles at the bottom of the hoop, separated by Delica light bronze seed beads.  This one is available at Addoway.com/DPCreations.

The next earrings will a teardrop hoop with azurite gemstone and Swarovski blue zircon crystals, a stunning blue-green creation.

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